IEEE European Technology & Engineering Management Summit 2016

IEEE European Technology & Engineering Management Summit 2016

3-4 November 2016 | Frankfurt am Main (Germany)

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Dr. Axel Richter

Engineering for Economy 4.0 – Managing Increasing Complexity and Speed

The IEEE European Technology & Engineering Management Summit will be held at 3-4 November 2016 at the Kap Europa Convention Center in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.

The digitization of everything will profoundly change all industries. The IoT and the Industrial Internet Initiative, also coined as 4th industrial revolution, will change the rules of the game for the whole Economy. On a broader scope this will lead to “Economy 4.0” by the transformative power of the accelerating developments in hard- and software technology, process innovations and artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Europe has an impressive number of global champions of all sizes built on engineering. The transformational capabilities of established leaders are challenged due to global competition and disruptive new entrants as time-to-market and overall product lifecycles are decreasing rapidly.

Engineering new products with deeply interconnected services requires managing an increasing complexity across globally distributed teams and even across the boundaries of individual firms and industry sectors.  Economy 4.0 products and services demands high value products with connectivity and rapid evolution of individualized, customer-driven services beyond distinct layers of traditional hardware, software and communication.

The IEEE European Technology & Engineering Management Summit will bring together engineering and technology executives and managers, scientific innovators and new and high potential actors interested in technological and engineering management leadership.

At the scientific conference day on Thursday, 3rd November research concepts, approaches and principles of new product development, system engineering and innovation from prestigious European and US institutions will be presented.

The industrial leadership day on Friday  4th , November, features distinguished speakers including board members, managing directors, executive managers and experts from industry leaders like Bosch, Intel, Microsoft, and German Railways.

The distinguished speakers will present the challenges and opportunities their enterprises and industries are facing, and how they are approaching new ways to competitiveness and growth. Specific focus will be on the design, engineering, manufacturing and distribution of interconnected products and services in mobility, including automotive, railway and marine.

IEEE Technology Management Society provides its global expertise to foster the digital transition of companies of all sizes to enter new fields of business with highly accelerated demands on product and service complexity and speed of change.

The event will be hosted and administered by the IEEE TEMS Society with the Germany chapter acting as the local organizing committee.  Conference Language will be English. Scientific papers will be published in IEEEXplore.