6th European Conference on Prokaryotic and Fungal Genomics

29 September-2 October 2015 - Göttingen/Germany

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After Note

Dear colleagues,

It was a great pleasure to welcome almost 300 participants from more than 30 different nations, including 54 speakers as well as more than 130 poster presentations at ProkaGENOMICS 2015 in Goettingen/Germany.

The 6th meeting on Prokaryotic and Fungal Genomics provided a forum for discussing all the aspects related to microbial genomics, one of the most rapidly evolving fields in molecular life sciences with enormous social and economical impact. Many of the talks and poster presentations were based on high-throughput technologies which allow simultaneous examination of thousands of genes, transcripts, proteins, and metabolites. These so-called Omics technologies have become the new mantra in microbial genomics, allowing to monitor regulatory processes genome-wide under hundreds of different conditions.

Central focuses in the conference were microbial genomics in biotechnology & industry, functional genomics of infectious diseases, as well as host microbe interplay, biodiversity and metaomics. Also, global gene regulation and proteome dynamics, systems biology, synthetic biology, and single cell genomics were addressed. We were very pleased to welcome some renowned scientists in this exciting field of microbiology, and enjoyed to discuss new knowledge and technologies.

We thank you all for coming and hope that you returned home inspired by new insights and many new ideas.

We are looking forward to meeting you again at ProkaGENOMICS 2017.

Rolf Daniel

Representative of the NZMG board